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Silicon Canals – Editorial guidelines for guest post submission

What types of guest posts are we looking for:

1. Insight stories pertaining to a particular domain/industry in the European technology and startup ecosystem.

2. Informative advice-based (How-to) articles for entrepreneurs, investors, or innovators that can help them navigate/manage various issues and situations with respect to the startup ecosystem. 

3. Listicles, as long as they don’t promote a specific brand/company or the author’s brand/company in any form.

4.  Stories that highlight the learnings garnered and challenges faced during a personal journey as an entrepreneur or investor.

5. Articles on current affairs, sector update/forecast, or topics that call for intelligent/thought-provoking conversation pertaining to the European startup ecosystem. 

Editorial guidelines for guest post submission

1. Please ensure that the article is not a promotional piece. It should not promote any particular brand/person or the brands associated with the author directly or indirectly.

2. The article should be original, exclusive, unpublished work, submitted as a Word document (.doc or .doc), or a Google Doc, of 600-800 words.

3. Please ensure that the headline is catchy and not lengthy.

4. Please keep it simple. Avoid unnecessary jargon and statistics. 

5. The articles should have a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. There should be a flow/connect between all three sections. Also, please make sure the paragraphs are short and 

6. Please add proper references and linkbacks. But, please limit the outbound links to a maximum of 3.  NB: we attribute the links with rel=”ugc” as per Google’s guidelines.

7. Articles should be divided into subheadings and paragraphs should not be too lengthy (4-5 sentences)

8. We use British English and the Associated Press style. If you are not familiar with the AP style, here’s a quick guide for it. 

9. Most importantly, please make sure the content is not plagiarised. Please note that plagiarism could be an unlawful act, a violation of copyright, and even a criminal offence under Dutch law.

10. Silicon Canals’ editorial team reserves the right to edit for clarity and length, or refuse the content altogether.

11. The author is responsible for delivering a short bio (max 2-3 sentences) highlighting the author’s expertise and credibility.

12. The author takes full responsibility for the content; Silicon Canals will list a disclaimer.

13. We do not accept AI generated user generated content as we consider it to be plagiarism.

Note: these topics are not allowed: casino and gambling, weapons, violence, drugs including THC/CBD, alcohol, and other subjects that are deemed restricted under the Dutch Advertising Code. 

Please pitch your story to our editors.

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november, 2023